Kona Coast Snorkeling

Kona Bodyglove boat

Kona has many snorkel tours and it is worth researching each one before making a selection. We selected Body Glove's Kona snorkel tour based upon getting a reduced price by attending a timeshare presentation. The big draw of the BodyGlove is their tour's reasonable price so it attracts large groups and big families. The frequency of BodyGlove tours depends on the number of tourists visiting, so check on days and times in advance.

This is a description of our Kona Bodyglove snorkeling tour in June 2008. We did the morning tour which started from the Kona pier.

Body Glove Kona

You can bring your own snorkel gear or use equipment provided by BodyGlove. For an additional fee you can scuba dive if you are licensed. Body glove provides a guide and the equipment.

Bodyglove Kona equipment

The BodyGlove boat leaves Kailua Bay and heads to the north.

Open sea in Kona

The boat has seating under cover and in the interior if you want to stay out of the sun.

Kona Body Glove boat

Body Glove boat Kona

The top area of the boat has additional seating.

Body Glove boat Kona

The staff served breakfast and lunch which are included in the cost of the tour. They also served alcoholic beverages which are available for an additional fee.

Body Glove boat staff

The continental breakfast served was fruit and donut holes with coffee and juice.

Once we reached the snorkel spot, we jumped into the water next to the boat.

Snorkel tour Kona

Rather than using an anchor, the boat tied up to a mooring to protect the coral.

Boat Mooring Kona

The snorkeling area where the boat was moored near Kona airport is next to a beach with jagged rocks. We had to keep from being drawn into the shore and crashing against the rocks.

Body Glove Kona snorkeling

The snorkeling experience was not as good as Kahalu'u beach park in Kona which has many more fish and is shallower making it easier to see the fish. And it wasn't as exciting as our night snorkel tour with the Manta Rays.

Kona area ocean

This is a video taken while snorkeling.

Snorkel fish near Kona

Kona Coral

This is video of coral and fish seen while snorkeling.

The scuba divers may have seen more than we did since they were down closer to the fish.

Scuba diver in Kona

While snorkeling, lunch was served in the interior cafe area. The lunch buffet was deli meats and cheese, bread and condiments. Chips and drinks were also provided. You could eat all you wanted and they seemed to have plenty of food.

Body Glove boat

The boat had a diving board and slide. A lot of families had a really fun time playing on them.

Body Glove boat slide

As the afternoon wore on, the ocean became more choppy.

Rough seas near Kona

We got back onto the boat on a ladder. The Bodyglove staff were very helpful getting folks up the ladder, which was tricky in the choppy ocean.

Body glove boat ladder

On the way back to Kona, we saw a para-sailor.

Parasailor in Kona Bay

And we saw a pod of dolphins swimming near the bay.

Dolphins in Kona

Pod of Dolphins in Kona

Except for a few people that got sea sick, everyone had a good time on the tour.

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