Kahalu'u Beach Park

Kahalu'u Beach Park is our favorite snorkeling spot on the island of Hawai - actually in the entire State of Hawaiii. The bay is protected by a lava wall and has a huge array of colorful reef fish and turtles.

Yellow Tang and Racoon fish in Kona

The water is almost always clear, with colorful corals, rock formations, and hundreds of species of fish. Green sea turtles live there and you can see them feeding on algae in the morning.

The park has great facilities with showers and covered picnic tables and lots of parking.

Kahaluu Beach in Kona, Hawaii

Kahaluuu Beach picnicing in Kona

Some claim that King Kamehameha had his workers construct the lava seawall to create the beautiful cove so his family had a safe place to enjoy the ocean. The bay is completely surrounded except on the north side where surfers congregate to catch the waves. Kahalu'u is popular because of its calm, protected waters - perfect for kids and adults nervous about being in the ocean. You can see the white waves where they hit the lava wall below.

Kahaluu Beach lava wall in Kona

The beach has easy access for snorkeling. Though there is lava everywhere, a sandy path allows access into the water. Most of the enclosed area is shallow enough to stand up. There are places in the bay with white rocks where you can stand and safely adjust your snorkel without harming the coral.

Easy snorkel entry Kahaluu park Kona

The surfers wait for waves where the lava wall ends on the north side of the beach.

Kahaluu Beach surfing

There is a lifeguard station for additional swimming and surfing protection.

Life guards at Kahaluu beach in Kona

The park has a place to rent or buy snorkel gear, store your valuables, and buy snacks.

Kahalulu Beach vendor Kona, Hawaii

Kahalulu snorkel rentals Kona

Kahaluu food vendor Kona, Hawaii

We prefer early morning snorkeling before the crowds show up. The turtles are looking for food on the reef and the fish are lining up for their morning cleaning.

Lagoon triggerfish - Humuhumu-nukunuku-a-pua'a

Coral Kahaluu Beach Kona

In the afternoon the crowds start showing up.

Snorkel Kahaluu

The fish are plentiful and colorful. Below are some pictures and videos from our snorkeling adventures at the park.

snorkeling at Kahalu'lu beach in Kona Turtle at Kahalu'lu beach in Kona
Kona snorkeling beautiful fish in Kona
coloful fish in Kona Coral in Kona
fish at snorkel beach View of snorkeling in Kona

Colorful fish

Swimming with a Turtle

A Humuhumu-nukunuku-a-pua'a (Lagoon triggerfish) - Hawaii's State fish

Directions to Kahalu'u Beach Park:
From Kailua-Kona take Ali'i Drive south for 5½ miles.

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