To Hawaii

The time of year you pick to vacation in Hawaii will greatly affect the kind of trip you have. The weather, crowds, activities, and costs vary depending upon when you go. Here are some tips on the best time to go to Hawaii.

Time of Year in Hawaii
High Season in Hawaii is December 15th to April 15th when it is the most crowded and the most expensive.  There is a second mini-high season from June 15th to August 30th, when families visit with their children during summer break. There are two off-season periods on Hawaii Island.  The first is from April 15th to June 15th and the second is September 1st to December 15th. 

The most expensive and crowded time of year in Hawaii is December 15 to February. Not only are the costs highest, it is hardest time to find a room, restaurants are full, beaches are packed, and parking is hard to find.

Weather in Hawaii
There are only two seasons in Hawaii. Summer, from May to October, and Winter from November to April.

It is hotter in the summer by about 5-7 degrees and the ocean warms up to about 80 degrees. There are more hours of sunlight in the summer for sightseeing, swimming, and lying on the beach.

During the winter there are more storms which brings bigger waves. But it can be stomry in Hawaii any time of the year. Hurricane season is June through November.

Events in Hawaii
You may want to time your vacation based on your interests, such as surfing, fishing, festivals, scuba, snorkeling, or other activities that change based on the season.

The whales arriive in Hawaii in late December and stay until mid-March. The biggest waves for surfing are in the winter. The waves are calmer in the early Spring and late Fall which makes the water clearer for snorkeling.

The Merrie Monarch Hula Festival in Hilo takes place over Easter week. Music events, dance festivals, and sports events, like the Ironman World Championships in Kona, are held annually on the island. Hawaiian hula and festivals can add more fun to a Hawaii vacation.

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