And Bring the Kids

Hawaii is one the most romantic places on earth. To make sure your vacation includes time for romance on a family vacation, pick a Hotel that will keep your kids busy and safe so you can spend time with your spouse or loved one. Or choose a condo where you can have privacy and more space.

Romantic Dinner in Hawaii

Hotel Keiki Clubs
One way to entertain the kids is to sign them up for the Hotel's children program (Keiki Clubs), assuming that your kids are ages 5-12. These programs keep your kids active doing art, playing games, and playing in the pool for hours. Call the hotel in advance to verify the program will be operating during the time you will be staying there and that there is an opening for your kids.

Keiki Club in Hawaii

We also recommend checking out the the location of the program to make sure the rooms and activities are ok. Our son enjoyed Keiki Clubs when he was young but he was bored and unhappy with them after he turned 10. We occasionally had issues with other kids in the program that were aggressive. All in all, these clubs can be a great option for a day or two of fun for the kids and allow some free time for you.

Inside Keiki club in Hawaii
Pool Slide at Sheraton

Most Hotels have a list of local babysitters that will take care of your kids in your hotel room, so you can go out and enjoy the night life. One of the sitters we used arrived with an entire setup for art projects. The undivided attention and art projects worked out well for our kid for an evening.

There is nothing like an evening together in Hawaii to get the romantic fires burning. Some of our favorite romantic evenings are: having dinner and a glass of wine at a restaurant with a ocean view, sitting on the sand to watch the sunset, and taking a moonlight walk along the beach. We like lounging in the hot tub with a Hawaiian cocktail and watching the traditional lighting of the torches at dusk.

We don't need babysitters anymore, so we have the freedom to take long walks in the evening. We enjoy strolls along Ali'i drive in Kona, sitting on the beach in front of the Hilton Waikoloa Village to watch the waves crash and palm trees sway. We love the walkway along the beach in front of the Four Seasons Hualalai that meanders through lava fields with the beach on one side and golf course on the other. Beach walking is wonderful at all the white sandy beaches on the west coast of the island of Hawaii and each is unique and special at different times of the day and year.

Some Tips

Here are some things we learned by observing other couples have a really awful time in Hawaii.

  • Don't go for a joint kayaking trip if you are out of shape or unfamiliar with it. In a rough ocean, kayaks flip. We have seen newly married couples discussing divorce after blaming each other for flipping their kayak over ten times on a very rough kayak trip.
  • If you get seasick, don't go on a long fishing or snorkeling excursion. Hawaii is in the middle of the Pacific ocean and the waves are extremely large. A rough ocean outing can make you so sick it can take the rest of the vacation to recover.
  • If you get seasick easily, a dinner cruise can be the opposite of romantic.
  • Don't hike off the beaten path because disaster can happen on a slippery cliff or if you get lost. Hawaii Island is extremely unpopulated, so a rescue operation may be slow or never if you get lost on a mountain path or on jungle adventure.
  • Don't take a walk out to the lava flow without water, sun protection, a flash light and sturdy shoes. Go with a guide; it may save you from falling into a lava tube, getting lost or standing in the wrong spot.
  • Plan for fun activities with the kids. Here are some suggestions of fun things to do with kids in Hawaii

Romance can be found in Hawaii, even with the kids in tow, if you make it a priority and plan for it in advance.

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