Puna District of Hawaii Island

Lava Tree Mold Puna Hawaii

Lava Tree State Park is located in Puna off Highway 130, just south of the town of Pahoa, The park has a beautiful circular path through Puna's tropical jungle growth and fantastic tree molds, created from old lava flows, are located all along the walk. The path is less than a mile long.

Lava Tree park path

Lava tree molds are formed when fast flowing lava encounters a large wet tree. As the lava flow drains, it leaves lava encrusted around the tree. The tree burns up and leaves a hollow lava tree - or lava tree mold. These stone trees were created during a lava flow in 1790 when the East Rift of the Kilauea Volcano opened up.

lava tree mold Puna

The park's pathway winds around the park making it easy to spend 30 minutes to an hour wandering around and enjoying Puna's spectacular tropical plants. Below are pictures of what walking the path looks like.

Lava tree path

Lava tree park path Puna

Lava tree park sign

lava tree park path Puna

Lava tree molds Puna

lava tree park path Puna

Lava tree mold Puna

lava tree park path Puna

A covered area allows an escape from the rain.

Lava tree park Puna

lava tree state park Puna

Ferral chickens strut around the park.

Feral chicken Puna

And papaya trees have found their way into the park.

Papaya trees Puna

A canope of trees covers part of the park and the air is filled with loud bird songs.

Trees in Puna

The park has a parking lot and bathroom facilities.

Lava Tree Park bathrooms

Here is a video of the Lava Tree park.

Directions to Lava Tree State Park:
From Highway 11, take Highway 130 south towards the town of Pahoa. Pass the first intersection that takes you into Pāhoa and at the next intersection (the intersection with a traffic light) make a left onto Pāhoa-Kapoho Road (this is also Highway 132). Follow this road for about 3 miles until you see the park on your left.

The park is open 24 hours a day, year round and there is no cost to visit. There is a paved parking lot and restrooms but no drinking water at the park. The trail around the park is paved but is uneven and broken in places due to tree roots. The trail is not navigable through its entire length by wheelchair. stay on the trail as there are dangerous and deep fissures and lava tubes hidden by vegetation.

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