Ahalanui State Park in Puna

Puna Hot Springs

Ahalanui State Park in Puna is a place to enjoy a natural hot spring created by Hawaii's active volcano. The park's huge hot spring is within a man made wall where fresh ocean water can flow in. The water can get up to 90 degrees F.

Locals and visitors come to the hot springs to have fun and experience the warm water and incredible views.

Hawaii puna hot springs

puna hot springs

The ponds have easy access through several staircases leading into the water.

puna hot springs stairway

It is fun to snorkle in the warm water and see fish swimming underfoot.

puna hot springs fish

Below is a video of snorkeling in the Hot Springs.

Fresh ocean water pours into the hot springs pools from the ocean.

Puna Hot Springs ocean feeder

The protective wall and life guards help make the pond safe for children and non-swimmers.

puna hot springs life guard

Don’t try swimming in the ocean on the other side of the wall though, the ocean there is ferocious.

puna hot springs barrier

puna hot springs

The park is free, open daily from 7AM-7PM, and has ample parking. It has portable toilets, picnic tables, BBQ grills, and shaded areas to relax and enjoy the view of the Pacific Ocean.

Directions to Ahalanui Park:
From Highway 11, take Highway 130 south through Pahoa. The road changes name to Hwy 132/Kapoho Road. When it dead ends at Highway 137, turn right on Kapoho Kalapana Road. The Park is located on the left, just past Mile Marker #10 where the road narrows.

There are several other beaches along Hwy 137, but beware, the strong currents and huge waves have drowned many a strong swimmer and seasoned local. Ahalanui Park is one of the few places where you can admire the fury of the Pacific Ocean while being protected by a man-made rock wall.

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