What the Big Island of Hawaii has to Offer

We think Hawaii Island has the most to offer and is best island for a fun family vacation.

What Hawaii Island has to offer for your vacation?

Hawaii Island has the highest mountain in the world, the southern most point in the US, an active volcano, and is larger than all the other islands in Hawaii put together. It has the most affordable places to stay and an incredible array of weather zones, land zones, activities, and fun outdoor adventures. If you want to have an active and outdoor based vacation then Hawaii island is the most fun place to go.

Hawaii Island Affordability

The Island of Hawaii is the most affordable of all the islands. Great deals are available in luxury and budget hotels in Kona, Waikoloa, Volcano, and Hilo. Renting a condo or house can save even more money for a family and allows you to save by home cooking with local beef, chicken, lamb, fruits and vegetables. Fresh fish can be purchased at the docks in Kona and Hilo. Farmer's markets around the island sell local produce and home cooked foods. A Costco and Target store in Kona offer reduced prices for mainland products helping out the vacation budget. Adventure and water activities are generally less expensive on Hawaii Island then the other islands. Hiking, snorkeling, and sunning on the beach are free.

Hawaii Island Variety

The size of the Big Island offers more variety in places to visit and things to do on a vacation. Renting a vehicle is the best way to see everything and get to all the activities. The rainy east side offers tropical gardens, waterfalls, black lava beaches, history museums, the world's only 3-D planetarium, and festivals to experience hula and old Hawaii. The dry west side has the upscale hotels and resorts with white sandy beaches, snorkeling, fishing, and whale watching. In between, the Volcanoes National park offers views of the active volcano and incredible hikes in the higher altitude forests and lava tubes. Mauna Kea has Telescopes to explore and Waimea has cattle ranches and offers a Hawaiian cowboy experience and rodeo. The multitudes of activities and great variety makes Hawaii Island an endless opportunity for discovery and fun.

Family Oriented Fun

The Hawaiian and Asian culture, the endless outdoor activities, and the museums on the Big Island favor families, kids and those that are kids at heart. Most kids love hiking up to waterfalls, through lava tube caves, and driving to remote beaches to see sunning turtles. Adventure tours, museums, and most activities on the Big Island are family friendly.

Why to consider other islands for your vacation

If being outdoors and nature are not your thing, then you should consider a Hawaiian vacation offered on other islands.

If you want to just Relax by a Pool

We think the hotels on Maui have the best pools, many adorned with incredible lagoons, slides, decorations, waterfalls and wonderful places to lie around and relax in the sun.

On the Big Island the best pools are at the big hotels in like the Sheraton in Kona, Four Seasons, Hilton Waikoloa, and Fairmont Orchid. Some condos and time shares in Kona and Waikoloa have great pools, but call in advance to verify that the pool is open and heated.

If you want Shopping

On the Big Island there is only basic shopping at strip malls in Kona and malls in Hilo. Waikoloa has two shopping centers with the most upscale shops on the island. There are small malls around the islandl. If shopping is an important part of your vacation, the Big Island may disappoint.

If you want Night Life

On the Big Island, Kona has some bars along Ali'i drive and Waikoloa has evening entertainment, but the island is not known for its nightlife.

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